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Garden Aisle Flowers

Garden Aisle Flowers


Introducing our new aisle arrangements, a delightful addition to our Garden Collection that brings a natural, meadow-like ambiance to your event. These arrangements seamlessly blend with their surroundings, as if they are growing right from the ground, evoking the charm of a garden or meadow! They can be placed down the aisle, at the entrance of your venue, or by the sign-in table. Later, they can be relocated to the reception (as shown attached), where you'll have them complement the sweetheart table, cake table, by the stairwell, or all the above! These blooms are yours for the day, meaning you can repurpose them however you like.

Our aisle flowers are a harmonious fusion of lifelike real-touch flowers, enriched with greenery. We also offer the option to add fresh florals to the arrangements, to give off the illusion that the entire aisle is fresh!

 These arrangements stand tall at 31 inches and span 24 inches in width, making a grand statement in any setting. We can accommodate up to 12 arrangements. Email us at if that's what you're looking for!

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